IBIS was established in 1995 to encourage research into, and to facilitate the exchange of information on book and periodical illustrations, the artists and their publishers. The Society has a worldwide membership including artists, collectors, bibliographers, writers and general enthusiasts. Whilst IBIS embraces all aspects of illustrative art, the main emphasis is on the illustration of texts in English since the 1830s.

As well as containing information about the Society (its activities, benefits of membership, how to join) our website includes full details of our past publications which serve as important sources of information for writers and researchers.

Exhibitions and Events

We are pleased to provide details of various exhibitions and events which we believe may be of interest to our members and guests.:


Studies in Illustration

Issue 64 of Studies in Illustration has now been posted to all members.

Additional illustrations to various articles in our bulletin are available in the gallery section our website. Click Here for these galleries.

Email List

We invite IBIS members to join our email list. This will enable us to notify you of events and to report news in a more timely manner. The list will remain private and used only by members of the IBIS committee. To join our list, start by clicking here.

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