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Websites for Further Study

The Victorian Web

Extensive resource covering all aspects of Victorian life, literature, art, science, politics, etc. The Visual Arts section includes a wide range of information relating to book illustration, cartoons, engraving, printing and the arts in general.

Journal of Illustration Studies

A peer-reviewed journal devoted to the systematic study of literary illustration as a discipline in its own right, having its own subject-matter and its own critical and scholarly methods.

Database of Mid-Victorian Wood-Engraved Illustration

An online database containing records and images of 868 literary illustrations that were published in or around 1862, providing bibliographical and iconographical details, as well as the ability for users to view images at exceptionally high quality.

Index of UK Book Producers, 1830-1890

An online index of Victorian illustrators, publishers, bookbinders, etc.

The Illustration Archive

An online fully searchable database of over a million illustrations from works of literature, philosophy, history and geography that are in the British Library’s collection

St Bride Printing Library

The world-reknowned printing and graphic arts library.

Illustration Magazine

A general magazine about illustration – the artists, the collectors, the collections, the exhibitions, the history, the philosophy and the key events relating to this subject.

Fine Press Book Association

The Fine Press Book Association is an organization of individuals interested in the art of fine printing, formed with the goal of promoting the appreciation of beautiful books and printing skills.

Private Libraries Association

The Private Libraries Association is an international society of book collectors – collectors of rare books, fine books, single authors, special subjects and collectors of books for the simple pleasures of reading and ownership.

House of Illustration

The London-based museum of illustration in all its forms.

Royal Academy Library

As part of its large library of books or all aspects of the visual arts, the Royal Academy has an extensive collection of illustrated books and books about publishing, printing and illustration.

Websites for Specific Artists or Genres

Illustrating Stevenson

A catalogued repository for digitised illustrations of the works of Robert Louis Stevenson

'Yellow Nineties Online'

An electronic resource dedicated to the study of fin-de-siècle literature and culture from the perspective of the period’s innovative magazines.

MacDonald Gill

Informative website covering the work of the designer, artist and cartographer often referred to as "Max".

Lectures, Articles, etc.

Lecture: Beatrix Potter and the West Country

A lecture given by Emma Laws for the Devon and Exeter Institution.

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Lecture: The Art of Illustration: Millais, the Pre-Raphaelites and the Idyllic School

A lecture given by Paul Goldman, through Gresham College. Full text and video of the lecture are available online. Other relevant lectures might also be available through the Gresham College website.

'Eye' Magazine – 'Told in Pictures'

An online article about story books without words.