The IBIS Journal is an occasional publication, with all content peer reviewed.

IBIS Journal 1: Aspects of Illustration (1999)

IBIS Journal 1 - CoverJournal 1 contains the first in-depth studies of two important illustrators working in the early part of the 20th century, Willy Pogány by Robin Greer and Alice B. Woodward by Geoffrey Beare, together with a comprehensive analysis of the illustrations to Christina Rossetti's poem "Goblin Market" by Lorraine Janzen Kooistra. The journal has 144 pages finely printed on ivory paper and has a sewn binding. It has four full-colour plates and is handsomely presented in full colour laminated covers.

ISBN: 0 9535596 0 2

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IBIS Journal 2: Singular Visions (2002)

IBIS Journal 2 - CoverJournal 2 covers a broader canvas than the first, addressing the work of a more disparate selection of artists whose work spans a much longer period. Articles cover the work of Eleanor Vere Boyle, John Everett Millais, Florence Upton and Vera Willoughby as well as illustrated editions of Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It once again has 144 pages, finely printed on ivory paper. It has 27 full-colour illustrations and is presented in full colour laminated covers.

ISBN: 0 9535596 1 0

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IBIS Journal 3: Diverse Talents (2009)

IBIS Journal 3 - CoverJournal 3 contains important and original pieces of research on three very different artists. Walter Crane was a designer, illustrator, painter, poet and teacher; Harry Furniss was a caricaturist, illustrator, writer, lecturer and showman; Helen Haywood was an author, illustrator, wood-engraver, painter of miniatures and fore-edge designs. What they seem to have in common is their energy and the diversity of their talents.

ISBN: 09535596 3 7

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IBIS Journal 4: Phantasies and Dreams (2011)

IBIS Journal 4 - CoverJournal 4 contains articles on three very differerent artists linked by their delight in illustrating fairy and fantasy tales and their originality of approach to such material. The essays are on Florence Mary Anderson, Arthur Hughes's illustrations for Good Works for the Young and Robert Anning Bell.

ISBN: 978 0 9535596 4 0

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IBIS Journal 5: Colour and Line (2014)

IBIS Journal 5 - CoverThis Journal has articles on Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale, Alfred Walter Bayes and Gloria Cardew; three very different artists working in different styles together with an essay on the exceptional series of illustrated books, Jugendbücherei, published by Martin Gerlach.

ISBN: 978 0 9535596 5 7

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IBIS Journal 6: Differing Views (2018)

IBIS Journal 6 - CoverJournal 6 features articles on Edmund Joseph Sullivan, George Sherringham and William Small

ISBN: 978 0 9535596 6 4

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Edwardian Illustration (published 2005)

Edwardian Illustration - CoverSimilar in style to the IBIS journals, this publication reproduces six important articles which originally appeared in The Booklover's Magazine, which ran from 1904 to 1909. 94 pages, profusely illustrated.

ISBN: 0 9535596 2 9

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