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Illustration by Bip Pares for 'Nanda Devi' by E.E. Shipton (1936)

No. 21, Summer 2002

'Decadent Art', transcript of the IBIS Midsummer Lecture 2002 delivered by Simon Wilson.

Review: Amphora, the Journal of the Alcuin Society.

'Charles Robinson contributions to Black and White Magazine' by George Locke.

Addenda to past bibliographies; C.H. Bennet, EVB, Nora Fry, Olga Lehmann, Margaret Horder

Bibliography: Bip Pares compiled by William Connelly with an introductory article

Previously unpublished illustration by Lilian Buchanan of an RAF Ops Room

No. 22, Winter 2002

'Eichenberg's Illustrations for the Brontes' Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre' by Simon Cooke.

'Celebrating Lynton Lamb' by Roger Woolnough.

Review: Artists of the Radio Times. A Golden Age of British Illustration by Martin Baker (Reviewed by Geoffrey Beare).

Black and White Images. First Annual Collection. The Golden Era of Pen & Ink Illustration 1890-1922. Images from the Vadeboncoeur Collection (reviewed by Robin Greer)

'Some Recommended Reference Sources' by Martin Steenson

Obituary: Pat Marroitt

Bibliography: Lilian Buchanan by William Connelly with an introductory article.

'Clear Waters' by Robert Gibbings (1920)

No. 23, Spring 2003

'Robert Gibbings 1889-1958: artist, illustrator, author, adventurer. A brief synopsis by Martin Andrews', an article based on a talk given to IBIS.

'A Man of Sound Judgement and Sure Taste: Samuel Lucas, Once a Week and Sixties Illustration' by Simon Cooke.

'The Sketch. An annotated checklist of certain illustrators, based on a partial run' by George Locke.

Review: Arthur Rackham by Rodney Engen (reviewed by Geoffrey Beare)

'The Illustrators of The Merry-go-round'" by William Connelly.

Bibliography: variants and addenda to Richard Riall's A New Bibliography of Arthur Rackham (1995) compiled by Robin Greer.

Robert Gibbings, self portrait from 'Rummy' by A.E. Coppard (1932)

No. 24, Summer 2003

'Ralph Steadman', an account of his IBIS lecture.

Review: A History of the Golden Cockerel Press by Roderick Cave and Sarah Manson (reviewed by Michael Heseltine)

Review: The Life and Work of Robert Gibbings by Martin Andrews (reviewed by Michael Heseltine)

Review: A Bibliographical Checklist of the work of Harry Clarke by Martin Steenson (reviewed by Robin Greer)

Obituaries: Owen Wood, Peter Jackson

Bibliography: Vernon Hill compiled by Martin Steenson.

Illustration by W Heath Robinson to the story of 'Abou-I-Hassan the Wag' in 'The True Annals of Fairyland - the Reigh of Old King Cole' (1901)

No. 25 Winter 2003

'Some thoughts on the Pictorial Frontispieces and Title Pages of Victorian Fiction 1837-70' by Simon Cooke.

Review: Ethelbert White by Hilary Chapman (reviewed by Geoffrey Beare)

Review: Edward Ardizzone - A Bibliographic Commentary by Brian Alderson (reviewed by Martin Steenson)

Obituary: Monica Pool

Bibliography: 'The Illustrations of W Heath Robinson' Addenda to the Bibliography of Published Illustrations by W Heath Robinson compiled by and with an introduction by Geoffrey Beare.

Headpiece by Florence Harrison for 'Poems by Christina Rossetti (1910)

No. 26, Spring 2004

'Walter de la Mare and his Illustrators', synopsis of a talk given by Prof. Ian Rogerson to IBIS.

'Eric Ravilious in Print: An Exhibition', an account of the exhibition at Manchester Metropolitan University, 2004 by Brenda Scragg.

Review: Christina Rossetti and Illustration by Lorraine Janzen Kooistra (reviewed by Geoffrey Beare).

Notes and Queries: On some unfamiliar drawings by Alan Odle.

'A Forgotten Illustration by Richard Doyle' by Simon Cooke.

Bibliography: Sylvia Green compiled by and with an introduction by William Connelly.

Detail from a drawing by Franklin Booth for an Esty Organ Company advertisement in 'House and Garden' (1922)

No. 27, Summer 2004

'Franklin Booth' by John Fleskes.

'A Brief Sketch of the Life of Thomas Maybank' by George Weeks reprinted from the Beckenham Advertiser (1929), contributed by Laurence Smith. With selected bibliography.

Bibliography: Frederick R Exell by William Connelly with an introductory article.

Review: Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library Manchester, Vol 83 No 2. (reviewed by Geoffrey Beare)

Review; Second Annual Collection of Black and White Images; The Golden Era of Pen and Ink Illustration, 1880-1922. Compiled by Jim Vadeboncocoeur (reviewed by Geoffrey Beare)

Bibliography: John Austen by Martin Steenson with an introductory article.

'A Winter's Kiss', an illustration by W Graham Robertson for 'A MAsque of May Morning' (1904)

No. 28, Winter 2004

'A Labour of Love' an account by William Connelly of his researches into the lives and work of selected women illustrators.

'Visualizing the Brontes' by Simon Cooke.

'The Illustrators of the Merry-Go-Round: 2' by William Connelly.

Review: Great Children's Illustrators: 1880-1930 by Darrell Heppner (reviewed by Robin Greer)

Review: Veinte Illustradores Espanoles (1898-1930) (reviewed by Robin Greer)

Bibliography: Walford Graham Robertson compiled by Annabel Watts with an introductory essay.

Illustration by H.K. Browne for 'The Old Curiosity Shop'

No. 29, Spring 2005

'Astrid Walford (1907-1984)' by William Connelly with bibliography

Review: PHIZ: The Man Who Drew Dickens by Valerie Browne Lester (reviewed by D.J. Taylor)

Bibliography: Some Alice B Woodward Additions by Geoffrey Beare.

'Wood Engraving', reprinted from The Century Magazine for January 1899.

Bibliography: Violet Brunton compiled by William Connelly with an introductory article.

Illustration by Anne Anderson for 'The Old Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Book'

No. 30, Summer 2005

'Bip Pares 2' by William Connelly with bibliography

Review: Pictorial Victorians: The Inscription of Values in Word and Image by Julia Thomas (reviewed by Geoffrey Beare).

Bibliography: Anne Anderson compiled by Robin Greer with an introductory article by Dawn and Peter Cope.



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