Issues 71 to 80: Table of Contents

Issues generally include further material such as editorials, announcements, notes and queries, etc.

Linocut from 'Rails, Road, Bridges' by Hellmuth Weissenborn

No. 71, Spring 2019

'The Mystery of John Campbell' by Robert J. Kirkpatrick

'The Beardsley Generation' by Geoffrey Beare

Review: Born to be Posthumous: The Eccentric Life and Mysterious Genius of Edward Gorey by Mark Dery, reviewed by Patrick Jansen Smith

'Hellmuth Weissenborn - A Bibliography' by Mark R. Richards

Illustration for The Duchess of Malfi by Henry Keen

No. 72, Summer 2019

'The Pre-Raphaelite Kiss' by Simon Cooke

Review: Helen Oxenbury: A Life in Illustration by L. S. Marcus, reviewed by Susan Bailes

'Henry Keen' by Martin Steenson with bibliography

Illustration by Reginald Knowles from 'Legends from Fairy Land, 1907'

No. 73, Winter 2019

'Michel Sevier' by William Connolly

'Henry Keen Letters and Reviews' by William Connolly

'Horace and Reginald Knowles' by Martin Steenson with bibliography

Review: The Men Who Drew for Boys (And Girls) by Robert Kirkpatrick reviewed by Abigail Fine

Review: What to look for in the garden: a ladybird books exhibition reviewed by Susan Bailes

An illustration for 'Through the Window' by Charles Keeping, 1970

No. 74, Spring 2020

'Heywood Sumner' by Martin Steenson with bibliography

'The Magic of Letterpress' by John Randle

'Edward and Stephanie Godwin's Book Illustrations' by Joscelyn Godwin with bibliography

Review: The 100 Best Children's Books by Brian Alderson, reviewed by Geoffrey Beare

Review: Fierce Bad Rabbits by Clare Pollard, reviewed by Patrick Janson-Smith

An illustration for 'Through the Window' by Charles Keeping, 1970

No. 75, Summer 2020

'Gleeson White as a Critic of Illustration' by Simon Cooke

'Two Friends: Margaret Levetus and Monica Walker' by William Connelly

'Harry Rountree as a Commercial Artist (part 1)' by Michael Pirie

Review: Picturing Tom Brown: How Artists Have Illustrated Tom Brown's Schooldays by Robert J Kirkpatrick, reviewed by Aratrika Choudhury

Notes and Queries: Kay Nielsen poster for the Leicester Galleries by Martin Steenson

'Wishing you an Uttlery Charming time' by Albert Ludovici II

No. 76, Winter 2020

'An Unusual Series of Illustrations by John Mackay' by Simon Cooke

'Some Remarks on the Work of Alfred Garth Jones' by Charles Hiatt

'Harry Rountree as a Commercial Artist (part 2)' by Michael Pirie

'Victorian Artists’ Christmas Cards' by Lesley Delaney

Review: Mario Laboccetta Aquatints reviewed by Martin Steenson

Review: John Piper’s Brighton Aquatints reviewed by David Fraser Jenkins

Review: Barnett Freedman exhibiiton at Pallant House reviewed by Susan Bailes

'Una Graciosa' by Jennie Harbour

No. 77, Spring 2021

Jennie Harbour article and bibliography by Bill Connelly and Geoffrey Beare

Cataloguing the British Museum de Beaumont Collection by Edmund King

'Harry Rountree as a Commercial Artist (part 3)' by Michael Pirie

Review: Barnett Freedman: Design for Modern Britain reviewed by Susan Bailes

No. 78, Autumn 2021

Eleanor Vere Boyle and Tennyson's The May Queen, by Simon Cook.

Harry Rountree as a Commercial Artist: Posters & Prints, by Michael Pirie

Book Review: The Life and Work of Clifford Webb by Simon Brett, reviewed by Susan Bailes

Pearl Falconer, article and bibliography by Barry Pike

No. 79, Winter 2021

'An Agreeable and Ludicrous Satire': Richard Doyle's An Overland Journey to the Great Exhibition by Simon Cooke

Exhibition Review: "Curiouser and Curiouser", An exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, reviewed by Catherine Richards

Exhibition Review: "Raymond Briggs: A Retrospective", reviewed by Susan Bailes

Cora E. M. Paterson, article and checklist by Bill Connelly

No. 80, Spring 2022

Review: John Hassall: The Life and Art of the Poster King by Luci Gosling, reviewed by Geoffrey Beare

'Albert Wainwright Book Illustrations' by Robert Orme

Addenda & Errata to the Bibliography of the book illustrations of Harry Rountree by Michael Pirie (Studies in Illustration No.62 Spring 2016)

'Thomas Mackenzie' article and bibliography by Martin Steenson



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