An Introduction to Magazine Illustration

Proceedings of First IBIS Study Day - Cover

Proceedings of the first IBIS full day seminar held on 16 May 1998. A5, 38 pages.

Introduction: Editorial Illustration and the Professional Illustrator by Leo de Freitas

Sentimentality and Suspense: Illustration as Narrative in Victorian and Edwardian Children's Magazines by Diana Dixon

Illustrated Magazine of the 1860s - an Introduction by Paul Goldman

Sorry! Not Quite (a paper on Punch cartoons) by John Jensen

The Strand Magazine - 1891 to 1950 by Geraldine Beare

Aspects of 20th Century Book Illustration

Proceedings of Second IBIS Study Day - Cover

Proceedings of the second IBIS full day seminar held on 16 October 1999. A5, 40 pages.

Introduction: 40 Years as an Illustrator by John Lawrence

British Wood-Engraved Book Illustration, 1904-1940 by Joanna Selborne

The Illustrated Gift Book by Geoffrey Beare

The Folio Society and Illustration by Sue Bradley

Lithographed Illustration with special reference to Noel Carrington and the Puffin Books by Joe Pearson

Victorian Book Illustration

Proceedings of Third IBIS Study Day - Cover

Proceedings of the third IBIS full day seminar held on 27 April 2002. A5, 38 pages.

Routledge, penny dreadfuls, photographically illustrated books: the infinite variety of Victorian book illustration by Elizabeth James

William Dyce and James Burns by John Buchanan-Brown

'The Hand-Glass of a Nation': Victorian Illustration in its Cultural Context by Dr Julia Thomas

Sensational Illustration: the Illustrated Fictions of Collins, Braddon, Reade and Wood by Simon Cooke