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An illustration for “Fairy Sailing” in Elfin Song, 1912 by F S Harrison

No. 46, Winter 2010

The House of Illustration by Patrick Janson-Smith

Searle and Beardsley by Simon Wilson

Philip Youngman Carter by B.A. Pike, article with bibliography of Carter's four illustrated books.

The Illustrations of Florence Susan Harrison, extensive article with full bibiography of Harrison's work by Mary Jacobs. The article reveals the historical mis-identification of F.S. Harrison's work.

An illustration by Dorothy Mullock for Studio Plays: The Cloak, 1921

No. 47, Spring 2011

John Piper and John Minton by Frances Spalding
Extracts from the lecture delivered at the Art Worker’s Guild, 12 May 2010

Sheldrake Press Kate Greenaway Range of Books by Geoffrey Beare

The 1890s Website

Dating Blackie’s Children’s Annuals by Geoffrey Beare

Review: Illustrated Periodicals of the 1860s by Simon Cooke, reviewed by Geoffrey Beare

Review: Peter Lunn: Children’s Publisher by Peter Main reviewed by Geoffrey Beare

Review: Linley Sambourne: Illustrator and Punch Cartoonist by Leonee Ormond reviewed by Amanda-Jane Doran

Review: The Strangest Genius. The stained glass of Harry Clarke by Lucy Costigan & Michael Cullen reviewed by Martin Steenson

Bibliography: Dorothy Mullock: ‘A Lady in Black’ by Bill Connelly

Self Portrait by Claud Lovat Fraser

No. 48, Summer 2011

Claud Lovat Fraser by Peyton Skipwith. Transcript of the lecture delivered at the Art Worker’s Guild, 25 May 2011. Further illustrations from this talk may be viewed in the Images section of this website.

The Hard Work Behind the Printed Image: The du Maurier Collection at Exeter University by Simon Cooke

Review: The Old Stile Press ... the next ten years, A Bibliography 2000-2010 by Nancy Campbell, reviewed by Geoffrey Beare

Review: The Artist and the Poet (Leonard Baskin and Ted Hughes in Conversation, 1983) by Directed by Noel Chanan, reviewed by Mark Richards

Update: Vera Willoughby: An Early Work, Some Proposals and Unpublished Illustrations by William Connelly

Bibliography: The Book Illustrations of Frederick Cayley Robinson by Martin Steenson. Further illustrations may be viewed in the Images section of this website.

Illustration for Shakespeare's Sonnets by Henry Ospovat

No. 49, Winter 2011

The Other 'Moxon Tennyson' by Simon Cooke

'Book Illustrations', by Charles Dickens reprinted from All The Year Round, 1867.

Lucien Freud by Martin Steenson. Notes on Freud's two illustrated books.

Review: Thomas Bewick – The Complete Illustrative Work by Nigel Taterfield, reviewed by Paul Goldman

Bibliography: Henry Ospovat by Geoffrey Beare.

Further illustrations to accompany articles in this issue can be seen in the Images section of this website.

Cover Illustration for Studies no. 50 by John Lawrance

No. 50, Spring 2011.
Special Issue with Original Cover by John Lawrence

Editorial by Jean Hedger.

Ronald Searle: A Personal Reiniscence by Luke Gertler and Francis Guilfoyle.

Original Illustrations in the Sale-Room: the Early Years by Mike Heseltine.

The Robin de Beaumont Collection by Paul Goldman

Growing up with an Illustrator for a Father by Jean Hedger

The Life and Work of Alan Odle by Martin Steenson

Reprinting Classic Texts by Simon Cooke

William Heath Robinson: an Enduring Passion by Geoffrey Beare

The Roles of Clubs and Societies by Mark Richards

Notes and Queries (a Darton Engraver by Mike Heseltine)

Rackham Thoughts by Robin Greer

'Leir curses his Daughter', an illustration for Stories of Early British Heroes, 1902.

No. 51, Summer 2012

Obituary - Maurice Sendak

Researching the 1860s: a Practical Guide to Resources By Simon Cooke

Barnett Freedman – A talk by Alan Powers.

Reviews: Calla Editions

Arts and Crafts Book Covers by Malcolm Haslam.

Florence Harrison: A Case of Mistaken Identity by Sandy Hargrove.

Bibliography: Patten Wilson by Geoffrey Beare

Further illustrations to accompany articles in this issue can be seen in the Images section of this website.

An illustration by Grace Lodge for 'Tom Thumb' in Our Nursery Tales

No. 52, Winter 2012

Tennyson in America by Simon Cooke

Collecting Series 5: The Endymion Poets by Martin Steenson

Review: Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain by Edward Ardizzone

Review: Master Prints Close-up by Paul Goldman.

Review: Balzac, Grandville, and the Rise of Book Illustration by Keri Yousif.

Bibliography: The Illustrators of the Merry-Go-Round: 4 Grace Beatrice Lodge (1893-1975). Part 2: 1940-1974 by Bill Connelly. .



'Tyke and Topper growing mighty hot', an illustration for A Second Diary of the Great Warr, 1917

No. 53, Spring 2013

The Unusual Illustrations of Edward Henry Wehnert by Simon Cooke

Review: Calla Press reprints - Harry Clarke and Kay Nielsen

Review: Ex Libris: The Art of Bookplates by Martin Hopkinson

Review: Reading Victorian Illustration, 1855-1875. Edited by Paul Goldman and Simon Cooke.

John Kettelwell by William Connelly, with bibliography.

Further illustrations to accompany articles in this issue can be seen in the Images section of this website.


Anne Rochester, Advert from 'The Royal Magazine', June 1921

No. 54, Summer 2013

The Folio Society and Illustration by Geoffrey Beare

Review: Shadow of the Matterhorn: The Life of Edward Whymper by Ian Smith

Review: In Search of Rex Whistler by Hugh and Mirabel Cecil

Exhibition Review: Looking in Wonderland, Coventry.

Bibliography: Find the Lady: Anne Rochester by William Connelly.

Further illustrations to accompany articles in this issue can be seen in the Images section of this website.




Charles W Stewart

No. 55, Winter 2013

The collection of Laurence W. Hodson

The Illustrations of Arthur Hughes by Laurence Housman (1908)

A Museum for Heath Robinson

Review: Illustrated Editions of the Works of William Morris in English by Robert L. Coupe. Reviewed by Martin Steenson

Review: An Engraver's Progress: Simon Brett, Fifty Years of Wood Engraving. Reviewed by Geoffrey Beare

Charles W Stewart: A Memoir by William Connelly

Bibliography: Charles W Stewart: Compiled by William Connelly


Millais, illustration for Tennyson�s �St Agnes� Eve� (1856. Published 1857)

No. 56, Spring 2014

Illustrating Dickens (account of a one-day conference in 2013)

Collecting Series 6 – Dent's Temple Classics for Young People by Geoffrey Beare

Bibliography: Dent's Temple Classics compiled by Geoffrey Beare

Doors and Windows in Book Illustrations of the 1860s by Simon Cooke

Review: Pictures in the Sky. The Art of Patrick Woodfroffe. Reviewed by Mike Heseltine

Bibliography: Patrick Woodfroffe. Compiled by Mike Heseltine


A recently discovered headpiece by Alice B Woodward for Country Life Illustrated, used during 1898.

No. 57, Summer 2014

Illustrating Finnegans Wake by John Vernon Lord.

The Victorian Web: a Resource for Illustration Studies by Simon Cooke

Review: Eric Ravilious: Artist & Designer by Dr Alan Powers. Reviewed by Neil Jennings

Review: Ravilious: Wood Engravings by James Russell. Reviewed by Geoffrey Beare

Bibliography: Phillip Connard: Painter and Illustrator by Geoffrey Beare

Trudy Mittelmann/ Requests the pleasure.../ (signed in Arabic Trudi) [1965]

No. 58, Winter 2014

Metamorphoses of Pan and other woodcuts by T Sturge Moore by Vincent Barlow

The Oxford Illustrated Old Testament by Martin Steenson

Book Review: The Ladybird Story by Lorraine Johnson and Brian Alderson reviewed by Geoffrey Beare

Bibliography: Gertrude Mittelmann by William Connelly

The tailpiece by Carton Moore Park for �The Lion Lady� in A Child�s London, 1900.

No. 59, Spring 2015

Edward Wehnert and a Preparatory Drawing for The Ancient Mariner by Simon Cooke

Harry Rountree (Part 1): His Early Career by Michael Pirie

Book Review: Behind the Dusty Glass by Ian Beck reviewed by Patrick Janson-Smith

Bibliography: Carton Moore Park by Martin Steenson

Further illustrations to accompany articles in this issue can be seen in the Images section of this website.



Illustration by Harry Rountree for 'The Wild Swans' by Hans Andersen in 'My Book of Best Fairy'.

No. 60, Summer 2015

Now Here's a Funny Thing by John Jensen

Harry Rountree - Part 2 by Michael Pirie

Book Review: Rena Gardiner: Artist and Printmaker by Julian Francis and Martin Andrews reviewd by Neil Jennings

Book Review: Eric Ravilious - Design by Brian Webb and Peyton Skipwith reviewd by Neil Jennings

Bibliography: Margaret and Mary Baker with biographical essay by William Connelly.





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